Due to the fact that script-driven apps store their information inside a database, adding more info to this sort of Internet site shall not cause a larger size of the application files, but in a bigger size of the database the Internet site uses. If you run a WordPress blog, for example, the disk space that its database uses will increase whenever you add new posts and website visitors leave opinions beneath them. A growing database can become an issue if the website hosting account which you use has limited space for storage and sometimes even plans with unlimited space in general still have limited database storage space. If you reach the limit, you shall not be able to add new information. Other probable outcomes are that your internet site may not perform the way it ought to or that it might not appear online at all, which can result in lost potential clients.

MySQL Database Storage in Cloud Web Hosting

We use a cutting-edge cloud hosting platform and all databases created in the cloud web hosting accounts on it are managed by a different cluster of servers, so we've decided to not limit the total space they could take. Each database inside an account may be of any size, so the growth of your sites will not be restricted, as we can easily keep attaching more and more servers to the cluster if needed for providing both more space and much better load balancing. In case you run a discussion forum, for instance, you won't need to worry that way too many users may join or that they may post too many comments. Taking advantage of our custom-made Hepsia CP, you'll be able to export and import a database of any size easily. If you experience any problems with this task, you should check our help articles and video tutorials or you could communicate with our technical support team, which is available 24-7, including holidays and weekends.

MySQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers

You won't have any problems with the size of your MySQL databases in case you have a semi-dedicated server from our company since unlike many other web hosting service providers, we do not run everything on one machine. Instead, we employ a cloud platform, so a whole cluster of servers is dedicated to controlling the databases of our clients. Whenever more power or space is required, we can quickly attach more servers or hard drives to the cluster, so the storage space is practically limitless. With our services, you may expand your websites or popularize them as much as you want without having to worry that your MySQL databases will grow too much. No matter the size of an individual database, you will be able to export or import it effortlessly using your website hosting CP.