Whois Privacy Protection, at times also referred to as WHOIS or Whois Privacy Protection, is a service that conceals the authentic contact information of domain name owners on WHOIS check websites. Without protection, the name, postal address and email account of any domain name owner will be freely visible. Supplying false information during the domain registration procedure or altering the genuine details afterwards will simply not work, as doing such a thing may result in the registrant losing his/her ownership of the domain name. The policies adopted by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), require that the WHOIS information must be correct and up to date all the time. The Whois Privacy Protection service was introduced by registrar companies as an answer to the growing concerns about possible identity fraud. If the service is active, the registrar’s contact info will be displayed instead of the domain registrant’s upon a WHOIS lookup. Most domain names support the Whois Privacy Protection service, even though there are some country-code extensions that do not.

Whois Privacy Protection in Cloud Web Hosting

Activating the Whois Privacy Protection service for any domain registered through our company is surprisingly easy in case you’ve got a cloud web hosting plan. You can accomplish this through the very same Hepsia Control Panel, via which you administer your hosting account – you will only need to go to the Registered Domains section where all your domains will be listed and to click on the “Whois Privacy Protection” sign, which will be available for each generic or country-code TLD that supports the Whois Privacy Protection service. This is also the place where you can renew the service or deactivate it completely – if you want to transfer a specific domain name to another domain name registrar. With our Whois Privacy Protection service, you can hide your private or corporate contact info with only a few clicks and stop worrying that your information might be acquired by unauthenticated individuals.

Whois Privacy Protection in Semi-dedicated Servers

Enabling Whois Privacy Protection for any domain name is astonishingly easy in case you’ve got a semi-dedicated server. If the domain name is registered with our company, it will be listed in the Registered Domains section of the Hepsia Control Panel that comes with each semi-dedicated server package. In case a particular generic or country-code Top-Level Domain supports Whois Privacy Protection, you’ll see a tiny button next to that domain. To activate the service, you’ll need to click on it. In the same manner, you can also renew or remove the service. You can enable Whois Privacy Protection for a domain upon registration too, but since the service is optional, we’ll give you the opportunity to add it to any of your domain names later if you change your mind and decide to hide your private information from the public eye after you’ve already created the semi-dedicated account.